Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

My sympathetic nervous system: A wave of hot blood rises through my face. A blush and my heart races. A bead of sweat - I have forgotten your name.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A hoard of fat daises spring up from the horse cropped grass.

Friday, 23 September 2011


It's a long way to space. The sky darkens on the horizon, and the evening star wakes up.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fat candle

A pool of wet wax around the wick. A softening of edges. It all grows hard and cool.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bramble wraps around a young conifer hedge. Weave and weft. And oh - the rain.

Monday, 19 September 2011

the pie-bald kitten pats my hand with suede-soft plantar pads

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Early morning drive

An almost cliched dawn. Blush and bright lavender clouds. The glare of sun on metalled roads.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Seen at noon.

Against pristine white clouds, the silhouette of a red kite, with wing-tips like splayed fingers.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

the beginning of autumn

Like a small green coconut, the horse-chestnut on the side of the road whose body has been worn smooth.